Weblaunch allows you to manage your bookmarks, chat with your friends, keep track of your reminders, and much more.

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Weblaunch stores your bookmarks in a visual and simple way. Bookmarks can be highly customised to fit your needs. Bookmarks can be automatically picked from your browser based on your history.

Dynamic Dashboard

Weblaunch greets you with a dynamic dashboard. It includes an overview of the current weather, recommended bookmarks, top news stories, upcoming reminders, and even more!


Weblaunch has reminders built in. You can select the date and time of when a custom desktop-notification will be triggered. Remindes will be triggered across all your active Weblaunch devices.


You can communicate with your friends directly from Weblaunch 3. The Weblaunch Chat offers a great design and some unique features, such as shared bookmarks.


The Weblaunch toolbox is bigger than ever. Convert time and air pressure, or fetch the latest METAR from your local airport. Links and bookmarks can be transmitted, launching immediately on one of your other Weblaunch devices.

File Encrypter

Weblaunch is able to encrypt any file! Simply drag and drop a file onto the encryption page and press submit, and then you are done. Files may be decrypted again from the Weblaunch application with a single button.

Frequently asked questions

How can I download Weblaunch 3?

You can download Weblaunch 3 via weblaunch.app/install. It is available for all operating systems.

Is Weblaunch free?

Weblaunch is 100% free. There are no in-app purchases or subscriptions.

Does Weblaunch 3 require an account?

Yes. Weblaunch 3 stores data such as bookmarks in the cloud, making an account required to link them to a user. However, Weblaunch V2 can still be used without an account.

Is Weblaunch V2 shutting down?

Yes, Weblaunch V2 shut down in 2023. Read more in our blog.

Will my Weblaunch V2 account be migrated to Weblaunch 3?

This is unfortunately not possible, as Weblaunch 3 features an entirely new backend with our own database.

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100% Free

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