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The end of Weblaunch V2

August 9th 2022

Written by Weblaunch Team

The sun is setting for Weblaunch V2. It will be shut down in 2023.

Why is WL2 shutting down?

Weblaunch V2 has been running parallel to Weblaunch 3 for a long time now. Meaning Weblaunch has to products that has to be user-ready. Weblaunch's goal is to be a stable, secure, and feature-rich service. We can sadly not reach our goal while Weblaunch V2 is running.

In other words: bringing all users over to Weblaunch 3 is an important step towards a more stable and secure Weblaunch.

What will happen to WL2 users?

As mentioned in previous posts, due to the fact that Weblaunch V2 is running on Firebase, users have to create a new Weblaunch account to access Weblaunch 3. All data that was stored in the old databases will be deleted. Read our migration guide for more information about the moving process.

Is Weblaunch no longer accessible in the Browser/Mobile?

Weblaunch V2 shutting down also means the end of Weblaunch in a browser for now. We would like to explore alternatives for a browser/mobile-based Weblaunch service during 2023.