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Weblaunch 3.3.0 Update

June 30th 2022

Written by Weblaunch Team

It has been a long time since our last blog post and software update, but here we are! After three months of development, Weblaunch 3.3.0 is now finally released. This update includes many new features, both behind and in front of the scenes. Here are some of the biggest ones:

Updated Navbar Design

The new navbar in Weblaunch 3.3.0 is designed to make navigating easier and more productive. We have replaced the light grey colour with our brand colour to make it more clear which page is currently active. The new navbar also supports route nesting; pages that contain multiple sub-categories are now accessible directly from the navbar. New Navbar

New Dashboard Widgets

First off is the new sun widget, located on the right side of the Dashboard. It has a circle-like shape, with the upper half signifying daytime and the lower half signifying nightfall. The sun/moon icon is positioned in relation to the time of day, sunset, and sunrise. As an example, if sunrise occurs at 06:00 and sunrise at 18:00, and the current time is 12:00, the sun icon is placed in the middle of the upper circle because time is in the middle of sunset and sunrise, in other words: The sun is at its highest.

The second new widget is the Weather widget. It contains information about the current clouds, temperature, precipitation, and wind at your location. Weblaunch finds your nearest airport, from which we can download the latest METAR (a weather report issued from airports to pilots). The app receives a decoded version of the METAR along with the most suitable icons for the current conditions.

A location is needed for the sun and weather widgets to work. You set it yourself on the map page in the greeter, accessible from the settings. This way, Weblaunch does not need to track you via GPS or other ways for such features to work. Your location can be both changed or cleared at any time. Dashboard Widgets

Browser Extractor Updates

One of Weblaunch's biggest features has now been improved and updated as promised. Weblaunch 3.3.0 brings Opera and Brave support to the Browser Extractor, for both mac and windows. The Firefox and Chrome extractors were rewritten to include more filtering logic and improved speed. We will continue improving the Browser Extractor in future updates. "Browser Extractor"

Tag Updates

We have spent a lot of time improving the tab experience in Weblaunch 3.3.0. First of all, a new Tags page is now available, making it easier to get an overview and manage your tags. You can now assign colours to tags. Bookmarks that have a coloured tag assigned to them, will have a tab of the same colour on top of it. The coloured tags system makes it easier to categorise different bookmarks, especially those that have multiple tags assigned to them. Multiple tag bugs have also been squashed in the latest update, including one that prevented smart tags from being enabled on Sundays (🤦‍♂️). Tags Page

What's next?

Weblaunch is now in a state where it has all of the features needed to work as it should. The following software updates throughout the year will most likely focus on fixes and improvements. The Weblaunch Team will have summer vacation for some weeks, and when we come back our focus will be on WL-API v2, a completely new API. It is a challenging project, but we think it will improve Weblaunch in the long run.

And as a reminder: if you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to share them with us at [email protected]

Until then, enjoy your summer 🚀