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The future of Weblaunch V2

December 16th 2021

Written by Weblaunch Team

From December 17th 2021, Weblaunch V2 will no longer be available on the domain. Instead, we have moved it to The transfer is another step in the process of bringing all the different parts of Weblaunch into a common domain.


As stated previously, there will not be any major updates to Weblaunch V2 during the remaining year, as most of our focus is on Weblaunch 3. Still, we released Weblaunch V2.4.0 to polish the app a final time before the end of the year.

2022 and beyond

After Weblaunch 3 has been released, we will be working on a new version of a browser-based Weblaunch.

Weblaunch V2 will at some time be deprecated and replaced by a new Weblaunch service. We will let you know before this happens.