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Weblaunch switches to DuckDuckGo

August 13th 2021

Written by Weblaunch Team

What has changed?

The external search engine gives users the ability to search the web directly through Weblaunch. We originally used Google to power this feature.

From Weblaunch 2.3.0 and onwards, DuckDuckGo will be the default external search engine. We have listed some of reasons below to why we made this change.


Using Weblaunch should be a safe and secure experience. Your privacy is important to us. Google is extremely powerful, using advanced algorithms to deliver search results that matches your interests. That is where the issue lies. Google builds a profile of you with on your internet activity. The search results are based on your profile. Weblaunch wants to deliver a neutral product. We do not take any sides in politics or ideologies. Therefore, the searches you do from the Weblaunch app shall not be based on such preferences.


In most cases, DuckDuckGo delivers just as good results as Google. The user interface is clean and modern. You can even customize the colours and fonts. Response times are as well.


Features are not missing in DuckDuckGo. Some examples are: Built in calculator, unit converter, currency converter and value of stocks.

"Bangs" is a new feature in DuckDuckGo. It gives you the ability to search on a website directly from DDG. Example: search !imdb Interstellar and you will be redirected to Interstellar on IMDB.

The future

DuckDuckGo will be the default search engine in Weblaunch 3 as well. On the other hand, users will be able to choose there own search engine. Making DuckDuckGo the default search engine is our contribution to a neutral and privacy friendly web.