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Behind Weblaunch Nova part 1

September 9th 2021

Written by Weblaunch Team


In 2020, Weblaunch V2 was released. It was the first public version of the web app. WL2 was a playground for the developers to explore different technologies. On November 24th 2020, it had four components and one service. Today it includes more than 15 responsive components and eight services. In 2021, Weblaunch saw its potential to expand even further. The first thing we wanted to change was the backend. It ran on Firebase (Google), which we don't have a lot of control over. We therefore started to build our custom API and database. When our API was taking shape, we realised that connecting Weblaunch V2 to the new backend would take too much time and effort while still adding new features. That is when we decided to rewrite the entire app.