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Weblaunch structure explained

This article explains the different parts of Weblaunch.


Weblaunch in itself is a desktop application, although multiple services are running along it. Below is a list of all the Weblaunch services:

  • WL3 (Desktop Application), Main Weblaunch service.
  • WL-API (API), Connects the desktop application to the cloud/servers.
  • WLL (Landing page), The Weblaunch landing page/website, made to showcase and support the desktop application.
  • WL2 (Legacy Weblaunch web application), The former Weblaunch flagship, a bookmark manager running in the browser.
  • WL-EAS, A Weblaunch authentication service for third party applications.


Weblaunch 3 versions are written as WL-3.x.x. In other words, Weblaunch 3 Version 3.2.1 is referred to as WL-3.2.1