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Information about location services in Weblaunch

This article summarises everything about why and how Weblaunch's location services work as they do.

Why do Weblaunch need location services?

A location, (or a latitude and longitude) is required for some Weblaunch features to work. Those include the following:

  • Sun widget, because sunset and sunrise times are different around the globe.
  • Weather widget, because the weather is (obviously) different around the globe.

Location data is not used in any other parts of the app.

How do Weblaunch get users' locations?

Weblaunch is unique, as the user themselves handpicks the location they want to use via a map. First of all, picking a location is optional. If no location is picked, no other features than the sun widget and weather widget will be disabled.

Do I need to pick my real location or can I use a different one?

Users can choose whatever location they want to use in Weblaunch. Antartica, Mount Everest, or their personal location are all the same in Weblaunch's eyes. Although note that some locations may deliver inaccurate weather reports to the Weather Widget, as they don't have any airports nearby.